BlackHat Coin

Private, secure, fast and available for everyone.

Privacy focused decentralized cryptocurrency providing truly anonymous untraceable transactions based on PoS consensus and zk-SNARKs data protection protocol (Zero Knowledge Proof)

“Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” — Edward Snowden


Energy saving (PoS)
High privacy level (zk-SNARK)
Low fees
Fast transactions
Governance / DAO
Community driven

Secure anonymous payments

The privacy layer of BlackHat coin implemented on zk-SNARK Sapling protocol by Electric Coin Company (ZCash) which provides fast, anonymous and untraceable payments with Zero Knowledge Proof without revealing your transaction amounts and balance to anyone.

Proof Of Stake - Staking

Running your wallet and keeping coins in it you automatically participate in the blocks and transactions validation process which allows you not only receive rewards, but also strengthen the network.
Proof of Stake is available for everyone and it doesn't require any specialized mining equipment with high energy consumption, so you are able use your home computer/laptop and even ARM based microcomputers such as Raspberry PI.

Cold Staking

Like usual staking but with some features. You can delegate your coins for staking to another wallet which is switched on 24/7 (hot wallet). Hot wallet stakes delegated coins on your behalf but have no access to them. The rewards go directly to your wallet. All coins remain under your full control in your wallet which could be switched off keeping your private keys and coins safe while hot wallet stakes coins for you. It's possible to delegate coins from different multiple wallets to one hot wallet for cold staking.


Masternodes is the second layer of network security which provides additional blocks and transactions validation. Starting your own masternode you're also strengthen the network and receiving rewards. Anyone who started masternode can participate in Decentralized Governance voting for the proposals to determine if the proposal should be funded. This voting is decentralized and anonymous, since the owners and their masternodes are located in different parts of the world.

Decentralized Governance

Decentralized Governance is the system of proposals which is submitted to the blockchain network to be voted by masternodes to determine if the proposal should be funded. Each started masternode is capable to vote for each proposal (a vote per masternode for each active proposal) thereby setting the vector of network development. Therefore, only community-validated initiatives will be funded.

BlackHat Community Treasury

A small amount in excess of the block reward will be potentially allocated for the Community Treasury to fund an implementation of proposals that received sufficient % of Yes votes from masternode holders. This funds will be generated at each superblock (approx. each month).
Note: The budget will not be allocated each month in full. Only valid proposals will be funded and only required amount of coins will be generated.


  • ready
  • in progress
  • planned
2021 - Q1

Core team meetings, goal setting, basic upcoming steps planning.

Building the core infrastructure for the development.

Referral program planning, ToS elaboration.

Development of the portal for referral program and coin presale (

2021 - Q2

Referral program and coin presale start (1st of April).

Finalization the blockchain and BlackHat Core Wallet software.

Deployment preparations, setting up all the required infrastructure.

Test network launch, performance check.

Start the blockchain in production mode, BlackHat Core Wallet release.

Website release.

Referral and presale coins withdrawal is available on

Web Wallet development

Exchanges listing

2021 - Q3

New version of BlackHat Core wallet release (for Cold Staking feature activation)

Cold Staking activation on block 114000

Finalization of the referral program coins withdrawal ( will be active until 1st August 2021)

Mobile Wallet development

Exchanges listing

Restructuring of the BlackHat Project website

Decentralized Governance development (within official Block Explorer)

Staking support for Web/Mobile Wallet (shared staking pool implementation)

2021 - Q4

BlackHat Merchant Payment Processing System implementation

The roadmap will be supplemented...

2020 - Q4

Project development has been started. Research and development of the idea, the core team formation.


Consensus: PoS (Hot & Cold PoS)
Total supply: 21m (premine 1m, which is approx. 4.7%)
Block Time: ~1 minute
Block Size: Max 2MB
Transactions per second: 173 TPS (theoretical maximum)
Master Node Collateral: 5000 BLKC
  • 20 BLKC (40% PoS / 60% MN) + (potential allocation for Community Treasury)
    See White Paper for details.
  • Block reward will be decreased every 3 months by 20% (about ~50% yearly).
  • Minimal block reward 2 BLKC (approx. In ~ 3 years)


Stable Release
Supported Windows versions: 7 and higher.
Stable Release
arm x86
32bit: Archived 32bit: Archived
64bit: Archived 64bit: Archived
Stable Release
Supported macOS versions: 10.10 and later.
Source Code
Stable Release


Services (Masternode hosting, etc.)